My name is Kerri and I was diagnosed with IBC in May of 2019. I was 48 years old with no family history. I had a clear mammogram in June of 2018 and felt a lump in March of 2019. A diagnostic mammogram was ordered with ultrasound. A biopsy and lymph node aspiration was performed and it was cancer. I was diagnosed with stage III inflammatory breast cancer. Treated with chemo which started May 24th and ended Labor day weekend. I had a modified radical mastectomy on October 17th and started radiation on December 2nd. The road has been long but I am taking Letrozole and Ibrance and doing well.

If you want or need more details of my journey I will be happy to give them.

Seeing this campaign on Instagram has given me the courage to go forward with my story. If I can make a difference to someone that makes it all worth while.