In March of 2019, I had recently weaned my daughter and it felt like my milk had come in again. I wasted time expressing milk and trying to massage out the “blocked duct”. In May, I went to the doctor because it wasn’t getting better. Within 3 days of going to the doctor, I was diagnosed with IBC, triple positive, stage 3B, and I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I later found out, Terry Lynn Arnold of the IBC Network had just given a talk in March at the hospital I was diagnosed in with my new oncologist. The IBC Network has provided me with evidence based research to help me and my oncologist come up with the best plan of care. After 15 months of treatment that included 3 types of chemotherapy, a bilateral modified radical masectomy, radiation and immunotherapy, I have finally completed my trimodal treatment plan. I leaned on the network anytime something new came up with my plan of care but also for psychological and emotional support.